About PhySoc

The Physics Society, or PhySoc, is one of the largest student societies at Imperial College with approximately 800 undergraduate and 460 postgraduate members, the majority of whom are studying physics. We are a not-for-profit organisation under the umbrella of the Imperial College Union.

Our aims

During the course of the academic year we aim to:

  • Provide information about opportunities in sectors of interest to physics students, particularly regarding networking, work placements, internships or research opportunities.
  • Hold a variety of social events, career-oriented events, skill workshops and trips to world-class research facilities, ensuring all the while to give our members something unique.
  • Bring together undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and other staff in the research groups to encourage students to build their networks around college.

Committee 16/17

Tom Waite President
Stephen Savage Vice President
Fraser Goldsworth Treasurer
Abhijay Sood Departmental Rep,
Education & Lecturers Officer
Dervla Hynes Secretary
Arjun Kumar Careers & Sponsorship Officer
Harry Cavanagh Social Secretary
Ronnie Dutta Webmaster
Richard Haythornthwaite Publicity Officer
Tom French Tours Officer

Physics at Imperial

Consistently rated amongst the world's best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research that attracts 14,000 students and 6,000 staff of the highest international quality. Innovative research at the College explores the interface between science, medicine, engineering and business, delivering practical solutions that improve quality of life and the environment - underpinned by a dynamic enterprise culture. Since its foundation in 1907, Imperial's contributions to society have included the discovery of penicillin, the development of holography and the foundations of fibre optics.

The Physics Department at Imperial is located on the South Kensington campus, at the Blackett Laboratory, whose name comes from its former Head of Department, Professor Blackett, Nobel laureate for the invention of cloud chambers. Undergraduate courses usually have an intake of about 240 students, and is one of the largest and most prestigious Physics Departments in the UK with an outstanding reputation for excellence in research, undergraduate education and postgraduate training.